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Brazilian jiu jitsu classes in Glendale, California

Brazilian jiu jitsu is another type of martial art for self-defencing. It focuses on grappling, ground fighting and submission hold. 


In Olymp Fight Club, training with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps you to conserve your energy and maintain consistency. The most important, our coaches help you to focus on learning, not winning when sparring. As a result, tight learning leads you to the victory. 


In Brazilian jiu jitsu, our coaches train your kid or yourself to defend and be ready for any case associated with defence. 


We encourage our students to use different kinds of techniques of self-defencing. Use your kids' time for benefit and you will never regret for the spent time.

two-judokas-fighters-posing-gray (1).jpg



Ou workouts that target every muscle group and get your heart rate in the right zones to shred fat and build lean muscle


Learn what to do and why, an ongoing process that keeps you engaged and makes working out fun.


Our workouts occur in continuous 3 minute intervals to keep sweating and moving throughout your workout.

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