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Judo classes in Glendale, California

Olymp Fighting Club provides structured classes that are appropriate for your child’s age and skill level. Our kids classes start at age 3 and continue through age 6.


Teenagers classes starts from 7 years old to 13 years old, and age 14 and up may enter the adult class. Our classes are balanced between technique, free practice, physical fitness and games.


Judo consists of getting into condition, learning to fall, throwing techniques, grappling, control holds, and submissions. Olymp Judo’s classes also incorporate basic self-defense for kids. We are teaching how to defend themselves against bullies. The benefits of learning Judo is confidence, discipline, focus, commitment, compassion, physical fitness and respect others.


We encourage our students to explore competition and successful compete in local, regional, state and national tournaments.

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Boxing workouts that target every muscle group and get your heart rate in the right zones to shred fat and build lean muscle


Learn what to do and why, an ongoing process that keeps you engaged and makes working out fun.


Our workouts occur in continuous 3 minute intervals to keep sweating and moving throughout your workout.

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